Softbums’ December Calender Bum Review

Softbums' December Calender Bum Review

This is my son in his “Getting to Gnome You” Omni. I absolutely love it! We bought it at Dream Diapers (a fabulous store!). To check out Dream Diapers’ online store, click on my son’s picture!
I wasn’t too sure I would like Softbums before I tried one because I had only used diapers with a snap rise adjustment before. But now that I’ve tried it, I want to add many more to my stash! This is a diaper that is truly one size! I have played with the Slide2Size adjustment, and I know this will fit my next newborn. The Omni doubles as an All-in-2 and a Pocket diaper, depending on your preference. I like to shake things up sometimes, so if I feel like a pocket for nighttime (so my son feels dry all night long) Softbums lets me do that! Or I can use it as an All-in-2 and reuse the shell all day as long as it isn’t soiled or wet. I really can’t say enough good things about this diaper. I am just so happy with it! I’m only sad that I have not tried them until now! If you have never used one on your baby, I highly recommend giving them a try! There isn’t a single negative thing I can think of to say!


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