They’re baaaaack!

They’re baaaaack!

If you’re a fan of the old style bumGenius! Elementals, then rush over to their page and pick some up! They have limited stock, and the price per diaper will drop 50 cents every day until January 6th. $17.95 is as low as they’ll go, so pick one up while you can! 


Softbums’ December Calender Bum Review

Softbums' December Calender Bum Review

This is my son in his “Getting to Gnome You” Omni. I absolutely love it! We bought it at Dream Diapers (a fabulous store!). To check out Dream Diapers’ online store, click on my son’s picture!
I wasn’t too sure I would like Softbums before I tried one because I had only used diapers with a snap rise adjustment before. But now that I’ve tried it, I want to add many more to my stash! This is a diaper that is truly one size! I have played with the Slide2Size adjustment, and I know this will fit my next newborn. The Omni doubles as an All-in-2 and a Pocket diaper, depending on your preference. I like to shake things up sometimes, so if I feel like a pocket for nighttime (so my son feels dry all night long) Softbums lets me do that! Or I can use it as an All-in-2 and reuse the shell all day as long as it isn’t soiled or wet. I really can’t say enough good things about this diaper. I am just so happy with it! I’m only sad that I have not tried them until now! If you have never used one on your baby, I highly recommend giving them a try! There isn’t a single negative thing I can think of to say!